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Hi, I’m

Rick Parry


Growing up two hours drive from the nearest ice rink, I had a dream to play ice hockey professionally. I would invest evenings, weekends and summers into getting to the highest level possible. I focussed on physical and mental training, complied with facing 50,000 pucks per summer on my puck machine and home-made mini ice rink. In 2012 I signed a professional contract with Cergy-Pontoise in Paris, France, becoming the first New Zealand born goaltender to play professionally.

I have represented New Zealand at 11 International Ice Hockey World Championships, winning six medals, holding the most wins and shut-outs in Ice Black history. In 2016 I was named MVP of Team New Zealand and in 2017 named Best Goalie of the tournament at D2B World Championships.

I have lived, played and learned from elite professional coaches in Canada, Europe, and Australia and plan to invest my knowledge and experience in breaking down barriers for future New Zealand goalies.




As of 2019, New Zealand is ranked 39th out of 50 Countries in the world for Ice Hockey. Facilities are limited, expensive and Ice Hockey receives no funding from High Performance Sport
New Zealand. 

The availability and cost of ice time, equipment, and quality coaching (often only found off-shore), limits the chances of New Zealand goalies to compete to their potential and push boundaries such as earning college scholarships and playing professionally.

Goalies play a pivotal part in dictating the outcome of a game, campaign, or a country's success and future rankings.


My Vision


It is my vision to channel the experience I have gathered from the last 16 years of playing and coaching, to grow the next generation of New Zealand goalies. I hope to improve NZ’s world rankings by providing opportunities for younger athletes to grow through the experience our sport can offer.

It is the intention of this social enterprise to invest profits to build a purpose-designed goalie training facility based in New Zealand, catering to global goalies with proceeds going to fund international opportunities for Kiwis.