"After spending a great deal of time in New Zealand working with goalies, I have always been on the search for the next one to lead the way in development. He has arrived and I am endorsing him as the pathway to the best goalie development available. Rick is not only a very good goaltender himself but he is a student of the game and understands how the game continues to evolve. It is very important that the instructor is there for the well being of the student. Rick fits that criteria."

Perry Wilson,

Goaltending consultant with Hockey Canada.

Goalie coach for the OHL Windsor Spitfires.


"Rick was my first official goalie coach and to this day he stands to be my favourite. He is a great goalie coach for a number of reasons. In his tenure for the Ice Blacks Rick has played almost every role possible for the team and done so in a matter that always surpasses expectation. He has received coaching from some of the best in the world (specifically his father). He challenges convention, works harder than anyone else. These things have made him an incredible goalie but, even better person. Rick is in my opinion the epitome of a New Zealand athlete. Rick is an incredible mentor because he has made for himself not only a great hockey career but a great job and lifestyle outside of hockey."

Grace Harrison,

NCAA St. Lawrence Saints


"We had the opportunity to meet Rick Parry at the 2017 World Championship held in Botany, New Zealand. We had purchased training with Rick as part of a fund raising campaign for this event. At the time, our 12 year old had recently discovered the goalie position and was keen to learn.

Our son really enjoyed the lesson and found Rick to be really knowledgeable and great to learn from. Rick is very encouraging, gives great feedback, and there was a great rapport between them right from the start. At the end of the first lesson, we were scheduling more lessons."

- The Messenger Family


Comments from parents on our camps:

  • "Thomas loved the camp and got a lot out of it. I hope he can put his skills to the test at training tonight and tomorrow’s game".

  • "Thanks, Rick, Sam really enjoyed the weekend and got a lot out of it".

  • "Hi Rick, It was a great camp and good practice for Barr! Thank you for all the effort invested in planning it! We are looking forward to more camps like that".

  • "The technical drills were well organised and I liked the progression you built into the drills. I appreciated being exposed to some different drills as well and the high-quality shooters made a huge difference".